7 Tips to lose weight

There are times that give us the opportunity to eat more than usual and then make adjustments to care for our bodies through healthy eating and exercise. So here I propose to you 7 tips to lose weight.tips-to-lose-weight

1 -. You must be realistic on goals that you impose on you.Although you start a diet you want quick results, it is healthier impose realistic goals to avoid regaining weight, as happens to most. Also, having a healthy weight has more benefits than just look slimmer.

2 -. Avoid severe diets.
It is preferable that ingest food groups varied meals with ideal proportions that eliminate certain foods, because it makes want them even more.
You can also suffer from any side effects that does not help preserve our health.

3 -. Eat less but more often.
A good diet always recommends eating small proportions, all that is recommended, plus what you normally eat, but more often. So, you contribute to speed up your metabolism and burn more calories.

4 -. Monitor your weight.
You should weigh yourself once a week to go watching your progress and verify that these are small but consistent. With this aid you acquire healthy habits rather than starve.

5 -. Do high intensity exercise.
Exercise is essential to stimulate weight loss and body shape, but you prefer high-intensity exercise, as this type of exercise allows the body to continue burning calories long after you finish the workout short.

6 -. Do not beat!
To lose weight in a healthy way, you should avoid whine about every food you eat off the diet. “Eliminate the guilt and focus on your goal.”

7 -. Be careful with your mental state.
Stress makes the food you assimilate be transformed into fat for storage. So relax before sitting down to eat and enjoy the moment without thinking about the problems you’re facing.

7 tips to lose weight fast no exercise

How to lose weight fast in a...

Your health is in your hands. It is your responsibility to support it.

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