My name is Kiril and I am not writing this blog to grab attention or to mislead someone’s behaviors, habits etc.

I am currently training Track & Field for the last 7 years and I am several times Bulgarian 100m and 200m Dash Champion. I am 29 years old by the time of writing this Page and manage to achieve another PBs ( Personal Best ) Results this year and they go as follow

100m – 10.48sec me-14-245x300

200m – 20.93sec

The interesting part behind these stats is that I started hard Track and Fitness Training, because of one one main reason – Overweight. Back in 2004 I was near 120kg ( 264lbs ) at height of 194cm and age of 21. So I don’t claim to be the smartest guy on the planet, but I guessed what was going to come for me in future if I stick to old habits, eating and lifestyle, so I decided to turn around and go for a optimal health and body look with Track and Fitness methods. I learned a lot through these years and finally I decided to start writing on this blog based on a personal experience, local case studies from my teammates and numerous specialists in the Health&Fitness branch.

At iFeelFitness.COM I want to differentiate from scientific jargon and lay down all the information in human readable terms, so that anyone can take the most out of it.

I am not an expert but I have had my challenges and wins, my ups and downs, so I hope to see some straightforward and ambitious people, who I can interact with.

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