Best Exercise to Lose Weight: Discover The Truth You’ve Been Craving

Despite the seeming plethora of options available for burning excess fat and curbing weight gain, most overweight people never seem to be able to come to grips with their weight issues, therefore it remains a perturbing problem for them. One of such options available is weight loss exercises, but this is far more unfeasible for particularly lazy individuals. Exercises do not cost money in order to perform them, a sizable number of them do not entail the use or purchase of any equipment, yet they are being isolated by some among other weight loss methods

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If you are not lazy, and you are ready to test the effectiveness of exercises for losing weight, you can try some of the best exercises to lose weight mentioned and described below. An innumerable number of overweight people have reverted to their normal weight through exercises only; you too can be one of them.
Considerations Before Getting Started
There is a right and wrong way of using exercises for weight loss or any other reason. The right way is performing them with consistency, and the wrong way is with inconsistency. This is why it’s imperative that you pick an exercise that will not bore you after a few minutes, and that you can perform for the recommended duration. Put simply, if you cannot run everyday, and you cannot run for, e.g. 10 minutes everyday, then you cannot lose weight efficiently with running.

What “The Best Exercise” Means
The best weight loss exercise for you is the one you have chosen after you have analyzed different exercises based on the considerations above. There are 2 main categories of exercises – aerobic or cardio and resistance or strength training. According to fitness experts, cardio exercises are unarguably the most efficacious exercises for burning calories and are therefore worthwhile. That said, it would be wise to focus mainly on cardio exercises for maximum weight loss.

Best Cardio Exercises for Burning Calories
If you can burn more calories than you consume everyday, then you are on the path to achievement. The exercises below will help you.
1. Running: This is a very popular exercise that can be performed by just about anybody. All that is required is a pair of optimal running shoes and a running track or an unobstructed path that is suitable for running. It’s very effective for burning lots of calories, particularly with the inclusion of hills in your running track. If you have the energy to sprint, by all means do. It burns more calories than ordinary running. Running is a high impact exercise, and it helps strengthen your bones as well, but it may not be suitable for beginners. You can skip running if you find it overly demanding.

2. Cycling: This is an appealing weight loss exercise but it’s not for everyone largely because you need a piece of cycling equipment, be it a stationary bike or a bicycle. Cycling is ideal for beginners, and it’s a low impact exercise, and it can be performed indoors. You can burn a sizable amount of calories while cycling and it can also serve as a preliminary exercise prior to high impact exercises like running. Spending some dollars to achieve your weight loss goal is definitely worth it, but, as usual, you can skip this and try an alternative.

3. Swimming: Swimming is a low or no impact exercise, and another alternative to running. Swimming works practically every part of your body and that makes it so effective that you can burn about 400 calories within 30 minutes only. It’s advisable to try the breaststroke although you can use any other stroke that is most convenient for you. One outstanding advantage of swimming is absence of the consequential vulnerability to injuries that comes with high impact exercises. You don’t have to worry about injuries at all, and swimming is enjoyable so you won’t get bored.

Other Cardio Exercises
If you are able to frequent a gym, there are several pieces of equipment you can utilize, and the exercises they facilitate are as effective as the ones mentioned above.

– Elliptical Trainer
– Rowing Machine (or Rower)
– Treadmill

Walking also helps, but you have to necessarily walk fast if you want your efforts to reflect in your appearance. Jumping is a high impact exercise and is similarly beneficial as running for losing weight. There are free guides online that will teach you the optimal ways of performing each exercise mentioned here for the purpose of burning fat. Lastly, develop a workout routine and stick to it.

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