The Best Way to Build Lean Muscle

It’s one thing to build muscle—it’s another to find the best way to build lean muscle. While some of the approaches are similar, building lean muscle isn’t about gaining weight or bulking up. Instead, it’s about toning, defining and streamlining your body.

So what exactly is lean muscle?

Lean muscle is a popular term, but it doesn’t actually differentiate between one type of muscle or the other. Instead, lean muscle is a general term that actually refers to a body type that is muscular and fit, without being huge. It’s really about the overall physique of the person being described.

Often, bodybuilders attempt to gain weight and mass, so they’re no longer considered lean, whereas many Hollywood celebrities tend to be the ideal male image of having lean muscle.

The Challenge of Building Lean Muscle Mass

As mentioned, building lean muscle mass is quite a bit different than simply gaining muscle mass. The reason lies in the fact that you’re really trying to accomplish two fitness goals at one time. The best way to build lean muscle is to take a double-pronged approach. You have to work to maintain or achieve a lean physique, while also building muscle, simultaneously.

Bodybuilding techniques by comparison don’t focus much, if it at all on fat-burning or cardiovascular exercise. Instead, it’s all about eating as many calories as possible, and then lifting the heaviest possible weights in order to gain mass.

The Value of Building Lean Muscle Mass

Many fitness and health professionals hold the view that lean muscle mass is the best weight training goal.

Building lean muscle makes your body look and feel its best. The best way to build lean muscle is a combination of diet and exercise.
Building lean muscle makes your body look and feel its best. The best way to build lean muscle is a combination of diet and exercise.

A few of the reasons it’s beneficial include:

Lean muscle can help prevent or alleviate common pain issues, such as back, neck and spinal pain
Building lean muscle mass can make you appear thinner, even if your weight stays the same or is even more than before you started training
People with lean muscle burn more calories, even when they’re resting, and they tend to have a higher metabolism
Lean muscle mass helps your body perform at a peak level of functionality, even when you’re just performing every day tasks
Calories and the Best Way to Build Lean Muscle

As with building overall muscle mass, building lean muscle is heavily dependent not only on the amount of calories you consume, but also the type of calories you eat.

It’s important to eat smart, in order to gain lean muscle. What this means is that you need to eat enough calories to fuel muscle growth, but not so much that you’re gaining fat in the process.

Choose calories that come from healthy, whole food sources.

For example, lean proteins and healthy fats like nuts and avocadoes. As with any muscle building or fitness regime, it’s best to avoid trans and saturated fats.

When to Eat

The best way to build lean muscle is not only to eat just the right amount of calories, but it’s also important to choose the right times to eat.

Eating at the right time of day allows your body to build muscle, without also adding fat.

The most important meals for building lean muscle mass are breakfast, and what you eat after a workout. You can increase the amount of food you eat during these meals, without worrying about gaining excess fat. When you eat more calories during these times, you’re replenishing your body’s nutrients, and propelling the creation of lean muscle.

It’s good to eat six times per day, and for men to build lean muscle mass, the ideal meal can have an equal portion of both carbohydrates and protein.

On days when you’re not training, lowering the amount of carbs you take in is a good idea, since you need more carbs to fuel workouts, and when you’re not training, this could turn into fat.

The Ideal Diet for Lean Muscle

Dieting Tips to Build Lean Muscle When Eating Out

Toady we show you what we eat on the go to build lean muscle, we eat out at several different options that better help us reach our goal of building lean muscle.

As mentioned, the ideal diet for lean muscle growth should include a combination of healthy proteins and carbohydrates.

Generally, it’s recommended that females who want to build muscle take in about 15 grams of protein per meal, and that number increases to 20 grams for males.

As far as carbohydrates, it’s definitely best to avoid processed options.

Great items to include in a diet for lean muscle development include:

Lean Beef: Beef is a great protein to help you build lean muscle, without bulking up. It’s full of protein and also vitamins and nutrients that are essential to healthy muscle growth.
Spinach: Of course we all want to be Popeye, and spinach is just as valuable as he thought it was. It has amino acids, which help muscles grow, and it’s also good for energizing your body and repairing your muscles after training.
Brown Rice: This is one of the best carbs you can include in your meals if you’re attempting to gain lean muscle mass. It’s digested slowly, unlike processed carbs, and it’s also been shown to improve levels of the body’s growth hormone.
Almonds: Almonds, and many other types of nuts are great because you can take them on the go, and they’re packed with protein and healthy fats.
Working Out and the Best Way to Build Lean Muscle

Gain Muscle While Living An Awesome Life Course

Working out and training are extremely important in the quest to build lean muscle. Aside from following a good diet for lean muscle growth, your training is the only way you’re going to get the results you want.

For both men and women, training for the best way to build lean muscle is really about involving the entire body.

When you use your whole body, your hormones trigger your body to build more muscle.

When building lean muscle, it’s also best to try to utilize moves that incorporate not only strength training, but also cardio, and moves that use your own body weight as a muscle-building tool.

Stay Lean


The best way to build lean muscle is through a combination of diet, cardio and strength training. It’s really a holistic approach to fitness, that allows you to look and feel your best, remain strong and develop a toned body, without adding bulk.

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