Best Way To Lose Weight Fast

Because of the growing rate of obesity all over the world, weight loss has become a common custom to most households. For some people, losing weight is such a daunting task. However, it does not need to be complete torture. It just takes the perfect mix of discipline and following these guidelines so that you can shed off those unwanted pounds and be on your way to looking perfect for the summer!

Tip 1: Never Go 2 Days without Working Out!

This is a universal rule to everyone who wants to shed pounds. If you really want to reach your goal, you will need to run for it! You don’t need to enrol in a gym and spend extra just so you can exercise. There are many activities that you can do that will make you lose weight. Walking is one of the best exercises. Set up a playlist of your favorite jams in your iPod or mp3 player, get motivated by music and start walking around the block or in the park. If possible, go ahead and run. You will burn more calories in a shorter time.

Tip 2: Keep a Journal

A weight loss journal is essential in losing weight. You need to keep track of your progress so that you know which weight loss techniques work for you. If your budget permits you to, go ahead and buy a digital weighing scale so that you can monitor closely your weight loss or gain closely and on a daily basis. Be very keen with the things that you eat as well.

Tip 3: Set a Realistic Goal

Losing 30 pounds in one month is possible but would be a total social road kill! If you plan to do this, you will have to put everything else aside and work on losing weight for the whole day. Give yourself enough time to lose the weight you want. Just like anything else that you need to work hard for, losing weight is not magic and it does not happen overnight. Set a goal and stay on track to reach that goal.


Tip 4: The Liquid Aspect

You are probably already focused on what you eat but do not take for granted the liquid part of your diet. First of all, say goodbye to alcoholic drinks for now. Partying every night will not help your diet. Liquor is just too much calories for you to handle. You will indeed be gaining weight if you do this. If you must drink coffee, take out the sugar and creamer as black coffee is a smarter choice. Green tea also aids in in flushing out toxins so you can never have enough of that. Cut down on milk that are high in fat and make your smoothies out of fruit so that you get the nutrition you need.

Tip 5: Get A Lot Of Rest

Your body needs rest for it to function properly. If you do not get enough sleep, your body’s metabolism rate will be slow. If you don’t need to stay up, then don’t. If you do not need to attend to anything the next day, then go ahead and sleep longer that you usually do.

Tip 6: Snack Smartly

A boring day at the office will send your brain some signs of craving. Before you know it, you are eating pizza again and having a milkshake along with it! You should be held responsible for everything you place in your mouth. If you have a 8-5 job, prepare your snacks ahead of time so that you are not tempted to munch at fast food chains. Prepare fruits and nuts as snacks instead. Oatmeal bars are great as well so as long as it does not have chocolate chip with it.

Tip 7: Take a Lot Of Fiber

Fiber aids greatly in digestion. Moreover, if you eat fiber, you will feel fuller and you won’t eat that much anymore during your meals. You can get fiber from raw corn bran, oats, wheat and the like. There are also many healthy drinks and snacks that are fiber enriched. Beans are also rich in fiber so don’t forget to incorporate beans in your meals. Berries such as strawberries, currants and blueberries are also good sources of fiber so don’t forget to use them for your smoothies in the morning as part of your diet plan!

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