CICO Experiment: What am I looking for?

In the different phases of my n=1 experiment, what would I consider to be a significant finding?

I may find that:

I lose and gain weight exactly 1 pound for every 3500 calories deficit or surplus I maintain, or I may find that my loss or gain is directly proportional to some other number of calorie deficit or surplus.
I may find that the amount of weight gained or lost is the same or different when I follow different macro ratios. Low carb/high fat, high carb/low fat, and equally balanced energy calories may affect my rate of gain or loss, or may not.
My maintenance RDI may be same or different for the different macro ratios.
I may find it is much harder to maintain my intake with some macro ratios than others.
I can also test this at different levels of deficits, thus giving me 3 points to plot! I may have to go below my target weight to run all of these different test conditions, but gaining weight by overeating can also be a useful test condition for purpose of gathering data.


I may be eating more protein than I need. Protein intake is something I can test, too. My protein target was 100g a day, but it’s been a little higher than that. I’m going to be more careful now about keeping it to that target level. But that is arbitrary, too. Perhaps 60g or 80g a day is ideal. And what will happen if I keep my energy macro ratio constant while doubling my protein? There’s no reason to do this during the weight loss phase of this experiment, though.

My metabolism isn’t broken. I don’t have diabetes or metabolic syndrome, and I don’t think my hormones are screwed up. I think that if lots of people were to run this experiment, I predict there would be a range of normal responses, but also people who were off the chart in one way or another. Depending on what their health and hormonal issues were, these people could probably be grouped by the effect they show in this experiment.

Anyway, by the time I am done with this experiment, I also hope to test a few other interesting conditions I have read about in studies, where things you wouldn’t expect to have an effect on weight loss and maintenance actually did. I would be getting ahead of myself at this point. I’ll discuss that when the time comes. Next Phase see here.

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