Counting meals calories

Counting meals calories…There’s no doubt, whether your goal is to lose body fat or gain muscle mass, you’ll have better, faster, and longer term results when you start counting calories.
And especially if you see yourself going nowhere to reach your goal, and you think the problem is your diet or eating habits.

Before you jump on the bandwagon and start counting calories, here are some scenarios to diagnose your problem and see if you fit in any of these cases:
-If you see yourself eating quality whole foods most of time and being disciplined of following your healthy eating habits.

So maybe the quantity of the foods you put in your mouth are adding more calories than your body can burn.

Now some of you might be following some particular general weight-loss diet or adding a muscle-size diet, and you are still not close to your goal.

Read these scenarios and see if you fit in one of them, then you’ll be surprised to see how many people are overlooking their original problems…

1- The expert’s specific diet does work, but the clients are lazy and don’t follow it explicitly.

2- The clients are sincerely following the expert’s diet but only for the short term because the diet is not realistic to the client’s life style!

And the last scenario I can think of and encountered with some individuals is this:

Some people are looking and searching for the best information about nutrition and diets so they’re still waiting for this information. In the meantime, they’re enjoying their banana split desserts!

There are other reasons than the ones I mentioned above, but more often than not these reasons are the most frequently experienced and talked about.

The reason I ask you to review your performance before you start counting meal calories is because you probably don’t need to use this tool yet until you are sure the above scenarios do NOT fit you.

A number of clients I have dealt with in the past now have a different way of analysis on how they measure their discipline regarding certain training or nutrition guidelines.

For example, if they are following 60 % or 70 % of their nutrition instructions to them it means 100 %!? After all, they followed most of the instructions so the 40 % or 30 % remainder is not that damaging to their results, right??? The answer is NO.

So what I usually do with these certain clients is first take a “deeeep” breath and explain to them Elementary 3rd Grade Addition Math and tell them the 40 % or 30 % will soon add up in a few days, let alone weeks and months.

And sooner rather than later, it will slow down and eventually stop your progress of losing body fat or whatever you are trying to accomplish and hopefully they will understand.

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