Crash Diets That Work or How to Lose the Extra Weight in No Time

Losing weight may appear an impossible dream, but, when you are motivated and willing to do anything to achieve your goal, there are numerous crash diets that work quite well, providing excellent results in a relatively short period of time.

Here are the most popular three crash diets:

The Cabbage Soup Diet

It is known as one of the best crash diets out there, as it requires only one week in order to pay great results, being said to help you lose two pounds a day. Throughout this week, you have to eat mostly cabbage, with a few other selections of foods.Crash Diets That Work

Cabbage soup recipecrash-diets-that-work

3 big onions;
3 green peppers;
1 can of tomatoes or tomato juice;
250g mushrooms;
1 bunch of parsley;
1 big cabbage;
2 carrots;
1 spoon of oil;
Any spices you like, salt and pepper.
You boil all these ingredients in order to make the soup and you eat it at every meal, trying to replace everything else with it.

The Diet Plan:

Day 1: Cabbage soup, as much as you can eat, and unlimited quantity of fruits (excluding bananas).

Day 2: Lots of cabbage soup and vegetables. At dinner, eat either a boiled or a medium size baked potato with a bit of butter on top.

Day 3: Lots of cabbage soup again, plus any vegetables and fruits you like (no potatoes whatsoever or bananas are allowed today).

Day 4: As much cabbage soup as you need in order to feel full, milk and not more than three bananas.

Day 5: Lots of cabbage soup and around half a kilo of beef steak with3-6 tomatoes. On this day, your intake of water has to increase a lot, up to 1 and a half liters, in order to flush out the uric acid contained by the meat.

Day 6: As much cabbage soup as you can, plus beef steak and veggies (avoid potatoes at all cost).

Day 7: Lots of cabbage soup with garnishing of boiled brown rice, and vegetables and fresh juice from fruits.


The cabbage soup diet is considered one of the fast crash diets. It promises and it does offers good results. It is cheap and it is a quick fix when you have an incoming event for which you have to look stunning. It requires only one week in order to pay very good results.

Meal Replacement Shakes Diet

It was designed to provide your body with all the nutritious elements it requires through shakes with a very low content of calories and fat. The meal replacement shakes have to be drank based on a special diet plan which includes the entire day’s nutrition. You have to stick to that plan in order for the kilos to shift. Along with the shakes, you can also have one meal a day, containing low-fat protein foods like fish, turkey or chicken, with lots of vegetables, especially green salads.


The shakes vary as far as the number of calories is concerned, but also from the point of view of the ingredients and of the flavor. Most of the shakes contain around 250 calories per portion. If you chose to replace a meal with a shake that means you will be cutting 500 calories from your daily intake. In about one week, you can lose about half a kilo and, if you replace two meals with shakes, you can lose 1 kilo per week. It may not be the quickest crash diet but it promises to make you lose more than 10 kilos in three months.

Juice Meals

If you ever switched on the TV set during a commercial advertising a heavy-duty blender in which you can put entire fruits and vegetables, then you sure must not be surprised that juicing your meals has become a famous crash diet.

It is actually a healthy crash diet, because raw fruits and veggies are full of vitamins and minerals, helping to detox your body and making you to lose weight, at the same time allowing you to feel full of energy and in good spirits.


Most people take between 2,000 and 2,800 calories per day, but, by eating only juiced meals, you will cut your calories to around 300 to 600 per day. You will succeed in losing approximately half a kilo every 2 days, depending on how active you are. This healthy crash diet will become part of the unhealthy crash diets if maintained for more than 2-3 days without a doctor’s supervision.

Crash Diets Cautions

Although these are crash diets that work, they should be followed only occasionally and only if they are indeed necessary, because, despite the results, they can have side effects, such as the yoyo effect, the appearance of osteoporosis in women, hair loss, mood swings and menstrual disorder.

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