The dangers of self medication

Self medication at all times has been a part of one’s life to find a quick recovery from various common health issues. Most of us choose a medicine for our choice for general illness such as fever, body pain, headache, tooth ache, allergies, etc irrespective of the consequences of their side effects.

self medication

Generally ‘medication’ the term refers to healing property, while medicines that are not prescribed can lead to a case severe if they fail to act positive, healing the health problem at once. Health condition of one person differs from one another with respect to their body composition, food habits and life style. Most of us never hesitate to offer the medicines that are given to us on a symptom experienced, with a blind thought of offering a helping hand to others.

Self medication may lead to two major issues.

Violating medicinal values, unpredictable behavior.
Serious health worsening consequences.

Hazards of wrong medicine
Repeating the same medicine when the same type of symptom arises later is also found to affect one’s health as most of the diseases turn up with similar symptoms. Treating one of those diseases mistaking for another may react in adverse causing serious issues. A slight home remedy on common sickness at moderate levels can help in quick recovery but the same doesn’t work if they are in advanced case. A quick consultation with your doctor is recommended to take the right dosage of the antibiotics and food that supports the medicinal effect.

People who suffer from depression and excess stress often take medicines that bring out a quick relief which may lead to drug addiction habits. Most of the teens fall prey to drug addictions is common while the recovery becomes a difficult task. Impending dangers can also occur when a wrong ointment or skin cream is used to heal a wound, cut or burn which has harmful chemicals. Generally ointments are to be certain based on the skin sensitivity and allergic conditions of the skin

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