How To Design Exercise Programs To Lose Fat And Get Lean…Fast

If you ask me how many times I have heard… I want to:

• Lose Weight

• Get Lean Body

• Have a Firm and toned body

I wouldn’t be able to tell you because I lost count. But no doubt, these are the objectives or goals I’ve heard the most frequently from all my clients no matter their age, gender, body shape or situation in life!

TERRAFit Get Lean Workout Introduction

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The workouts you’ll see here are designed to losing weight mainly, and getting lean. You’ll also gain strength along the way but its purpose is mainly to lose as much body weight as possible.

Before we continue, let me clear one thing here: whenever I mention the words “weight loss” I always mean losing excess body fat specifically more than muscle tissue.

The trick here is to keep the weight loss ratio of fat to muscle 3:1 or better

For example, if you lose 3 pound of fat at a certain time you should lose only 1 pound or less of muscle mass otherwise the training effect in the long run can do more damage than benefit to your body composition.

Many people when they exercise do less effective ‘burning calorie’ workouts, thus, they experience slower weight loss if any and then frustration takes place which many times leads to failure.

Getting Lean

The reason behind that can be ignorance or laziness, so I hope this information will enlighten and encourage you to give these workouts a try for a few weeks and then judge for yourself if ‘weight loss’ workouts are working for you or not.

The secret recipe of an effective ‘weight loss’ workout, is to exercise as many body parts together at the same time as possible.

Take a look at the following single and multiple joints exercises so you know what I’m talking about:

More effective exercise: Push ups

Less effective exercise: Dumbbell fly

More effective exercise: Dips

Less effective exercise: Triceps kick back

More effective exercise: Squats

Less effective exercise: Leg extension

More effective exercise: Chin-ups

Less effective exercise: Biceps curls

More effective exercise: Pull-ins

Less effective exercise: Cable rows

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So, you want to do more of the compound (involves more than one joint) exercises than isolated exercises so the calorie expenditure is greater and this way you total your calorie burning at the end of the workout at a higher number.

Performing circuit training is another example, where you do three to four exercise sets continuously with no rest or minimal rest of 5-10 seconds.

Even though this method is very effective to burn calories, it can be more effective with certain combined exercises, like compound ones.

Another secret recipe of my ‘weight loss’ program is to have less and less rest time between the exercise sets (between 45 or 60 seconds).

Here’s an example…

tape, notices, pen

If you start with 2 minutes rest between each set, gradually decrease the time about 10 seconds every 7 or 10 workout days, until you physically condition yourself to be able to rest 45-60 seconds and jump to the next exercise set.

The three above points can lead to increases in your growth hormone production because of the rise of blood lactate levels which are attributable to this type of exercising.

One more recommendation that I want to share with you; whenever it’s safe and feasible, perform most of your exercises standing on your legs — that way you are burning more calories than sitting on your ass.

Using your biggest muscles (your leg group muscles) to support your weight while performing the exercise, requires more demand which leads to burning more calories and weight loss.

Here are two ‘weight loss’ modules that you can try for yourself, but do make the adjustment to fit your fitness condition level accordingly and become very observant about your body and how it recovers.

Don’t rush into following the above guidelines, if you are not ready yet, trust your instinctive judgment after all, you are the best judge of your body.

Beginner level

1)Push ups (regular or modified*)

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