Dumbell workout

Dumbell workout has been one of the most popular ways of burning out energy and gaining shaped muscular curves. Dumbell workout can be easily done at home or at a fitness center. Depending upon your need you can select from steel or iron dumbbells.

Dumbell workout for women is accomplished through 2.5-4kg steel dumbbells. However for men the weight may range from 5-15 Kg.Unless you are a weightlifter you won’t require more than the mentioned weights for your dumbell workout.

Care must be taken while handling and maintaining dumbbells. While doing dumbell workout ensure you are in a seated comfortably and upright position. Take a deep breath while lifting it and release breath while bringing it down. Dumbell workout is more of a rhythm game than being energy pro.

Post dumbell workout, make sure that you clean it with a normal cloth. Prefer not to use a wet cloth while cleaning. It might corrode the dumbell and wear it out eventually. As far as possible perform dumbell workout under the supervision of a gym trainer. Don’t commit yourself in lifting higher weights unless you are comfortable with it. This might cause an injury to you and keep you away from workout sessions for weeks. So always be careful and comfortable while working out.

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Heavy dumbell workout

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