Who Is Your Fitness Mentor

As weightlifters, bodybuilders, and health enthusiasts most of us (if not all) have in someway and somehow have a fitness mentor that we like to look up to and that we like to emulate whether we know him/her or not.

Some of us have mentors who are high school coaches, professional bodybuilders, sport celebrities, a next door neighbor, or even your mail carrier for goodness sake! And the list goes on.

And some of those mentors can possess one or more of the following qualities…

– The knowledge of how to get fit, build muscles, and/or strength gain.

– Some have the Knowledge and first hand experience

– Some have the Knowledge, first hand experience, and the look as well.

Word of Caution of Who You Follow

fitness mentor

There is nothing wrong, for example, to have a professional bodybuilders or sport celebrities as your fitness guide. Some of us want to be big and muscular like a professional bodybuilders, become fast with speed like some sport celebrities, or have a nice looking physique like some movie stars.

But there are elements that some of us don’t realize, and these elements are performance-enhancing drugs (steroids) and genetics.

The use of steroids and can give the user a huge advantage in building muscle size and gaining strength. So don’t have expectations to be like this person and then get disappointed.

You should know that you can achieve an impressive body by exercising hard and smart, eating nutritious whole foods, and maybe some quality supplements. Besides, they are illegal and can have serious side effects, enough said.
Individuals who have excellent genetics, I know, I hate them too.
Let me tell you my story.

I used to work out with my best friend Terrance, who I found out later had GOOD genetics. We trained together for many years and followed the same training plan. We performed the workouts (number of repetitions, sets and other training parameters) and we had a similar eating plan; yet, his body transformation was faster than mine.

He grew muscular legs and arms faster and bigger than I did, and It was frustrating for me to understand this; but finally I came to the conclusion that maybe he has more fast twitch muscle fibers that I do (good for him) and I don’t.

Realistic Expectations

Fitness mentor

Realizing and understanding this concept did not make me stop exercising as an excuse; quite the opposite, it made me workout even harder and smarter and have REALISTIC expectations for my body abilities to grow, and it saved me from a big disappointment.

You should do the same thing; find a fitness guide/mentor you want to be inspired by and motivated by; mentally it is very important for you to have this “psychological energy boost”.

Train hard and educate yourself along this fun and health rewarding journey, and set your expectations to your unique body abilities, and I am sure your physique will be in its best potential shape as it can be.

Now move you’re your lazy butt, and pull out your fitness mentor of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Pamela Anderson poster and start working out.

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