Following Juice Diet Recipes That Can Change Your Life

As more and more people realize the benefits of using fruits and vegetables in order to lose weight or to improve their general state of health, the natural juice diet recipes gain in popularity, becoming their ticket to great results and delicious taste.

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Ten Juice Diet Benefits

1) The variety of fruits and vegetables that can be used. Of course, they are chosen depending on the purpose of the diet, but the possibilities to combine them are endless, leaving you with the freedom to enjoy various tastes, flavors and consistencies, depending on the healthy juice recipes you prefer.

2) The numerous health problems juice can solve – from weight loss problems to kidneys’ affections, flu, weak immune system, digestive disorders, anemia and even cancer, they can all be ameliorated with a glass of fresh juice, made from the right fruits and vegetables, drunk at the appropriate time of the day.

3) The easy preparation – What could be easier than chopping a couple of fruits and vegetables and mixing them in a blender? In a matter of minutes, you have your natural medicine ready!

4) The great taste – Perhaps there are fruits or vegetables that you do not really like, but, in the right combinations or appropriately seasoned, they will certainly become delicious.

5) The powerful mix of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants – Why take pills or other natural supplements, when you can take your daily dose of health from fruits and vegetables?

6) The savings – Have you checked the prices of the natural supplements available on the market? They are anything but affordable. However, you can always find a carrot, some celery, an apple or two and some oranges in your kitchen. With a freshly squeezed glass of juice, you can even afford to skip breakfast, so you save money twice: what you would pay for the pills and what you would pay for your breakfast menu.

7) The availability – You can always find fruits and vegetables at the market, at the grocery shop in your neighborhood or at the supermarket, but supplements are only available in pharmacies and online.

8) No side-effects – Most supplements, even natural, help with one problem and cause another: they detoxify your body but they overburden you kidneys, they help you lose weight but they lift your blood pressure. Fruits and vegetables have no side effects, it all stands in the way you combine them, and you will certainly have no problem finding ideas, considering the numerous healthy smoothie recipes available online and in specialized magazines.

9) Cutting out sweets – Whenever you feel like eating a candy, a cake or a bar of chocolate, you can satisfy your craving with a glass of juice, using bananas to replace the cake, ginger to replace the candy and berries instead of chocolate, for example.

10) Eliminating bad habits – If you always wanted to give up smoking or drinking and you could not, perhaps a few well chosen juice recipes will help: make sure to use a lot of ginger and mint when you feel like smoking, perhaps mixed with lemon, and go for grapefruit, cherries and grapes when you feel like drinking. Juice Diet Recipes

Healthy Juice Diet Recipes and Their Impact on Your Body

Depending on the fruits and vegetables they are made of, but also on the quantities in which they are used, certain juices reduce the level of free radicals in your body. As free radicals are responsible for cellular degeneration and tissue damage, a well chosen juice diet can help you look and feel younger for a longer period of time.

Also, a diet based entirely on fruits and vegetables juice can improve the functionality of your liver and kidneys, heavily damaged by the modern lifestyle based on semi-cooked and fast food and by the chemicals that they cannot filter.

Thus, the increased flow of liquids through the kidneys cleans away the residues, preventing the accumulation of the substances that usually lead to the development of kidney stones. Similarly, during a diet based on juice, the liver takes a well-deserved rest from its usual food-processing duties, recovering its strength and preparing for future loads.

Juice Fasting as a Method to Boost Your Health

Juice fasting is considered an intensive form of treatment that lasts between a couple of days and a couple of weeks and throughout which the followers are not allowed to consume anything besides juice.

Although a bit difficult to follow on long term, juice fasting pays excellent results, of course, depending on the affection it is meant to treat and on the ingredients used.

Make Your Own Juice Diet Recipes

There are numerous recipes you can use, some focusing on the results the diet aims to achieve, others promising a delicious taste, meant to thrill your senses and to convince you to embrace a natural and healthy way of eating and drinking.

Although using recipes designed by others can be considered easier, as you do not take chances and you do not waste time coming up with combinations on your own, as soon as you find out what fruits and vegetables are recommended for the purpose of your diet, it is advisable to come up with your own recipes.

No one knows what you like better than you do. Some prefer their juice sour, others like it bitter sweet. Some love spices like ginger, mint and cinnamon, while others cannot stand them. Make a list of the ingredients your juice should include and use your imagination and your tastes to combine them. The results will sweep you off your feet!

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