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Even before I became a hypnotist, I was aware that hypnosis and alternative therapies are often used to help people lose weight. Yet until quite recently I myself have struggled with my weight. I have wanted to help people lose weight, but surely what I needed was a program that also worked for me.

We are assaulted at all times by advertisements for food, surrounded by food, encouraged to reach for food at the first instance we think we feel hunger (or even sooner). Despite all the factors that contribute to use as individuals gaining weight, the fact is that 90% of excess calorie intake for Americans is as snacks, something that was less common a generation ago, and rare two generations ago.

For me, the pieces started to fall together when I read William Anderson’s book, The Anderson Method. It is not a diet book, but a book about developing strategies to help you develop lifelong healthy attitudes toward food and eating habits. Anderson is a psychotherapist who licenses out his system to other psychotherapists, so the book is mostly treasure trove with some advertising thrown in. I still recommend that every dieter should have it on their bookshelf. It’s full of great stuff. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all do-as-I-say program. We each have out bad habits and flaws which we need to develop strategies to counteract.

We are Americans, therefore our attitudes about food are so skewed we can’t control ourselves and can’t understand why.

The series I am writing will explain to you something about where my food habits have come from and what I have done to adapt them to the point where I can lead a life with “normal” food habits. You should recognize much in what I am writing, but as each person has their own experiences, you will of course see some things that don’t fit you.

Bear with me. My goal is to turn myself and you both into lifelong thin persons without strict dieting, onerous exercise programs, or intolerable suffering. It may not be easy, but unlike with dieting, good habits get easier to stick with the longer you have them.

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