The Amazing Ginseng Benefits or How to Boost Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Ginseng is mainly known under the name of Ginnsuu in some parts of Asia, especially in China, and it is part of the eleven species of perennial slow-growing plants with fleshy roots, which belong to the ”Panax” class of the Araliaceae family.

The meaning of its Greek botanical name ”Panax” is “all-healing” having the same origin as “panacea”. It was named like this due to its frequent use in the Chinese medicine as a remedy for muscle soreness, but its properties go far beyond that.

Ginseng Benefits on the Body ginseng-benefits-300x225

It helps to control body weight – Ginseng plays an important part in regulating the level of blood sugar. It actually reduces the amount of carbohydrates stored by the body as fat.
It increases the libido – Drinking ginseng tea will help men suffering from conditions like erectile dysfunction. The red Korean ginseng is widely used as a method to stimulate the male sexual functions. However, in order to take full use of its benefits, ginseng tea should be consumed regularly, because it is not a quick fix but a thorough treatment.
It regulates women’s menstruation and menopause symptoms – Ginseng has the qualities of a hormone and regulates the level of estrogen produced by the ovaries. It has a positive effect on the period before menstruation known as PMS and during the menstruation too, also improving the symptoms of menopause
It acts as a tonic on the body – Ginseng boosts the energy level and helps the immune system fight off infections, while also regulating the metabolism in order to offer a boost of energy.
It fights the signs of aging – Ginseng contains lots of anti-oxidants that tone your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It also appears to balance the production of oils in the body, preventing the pores from clogging and the acne and black spots from appearing.
It prevents cancer – A study revealed that the risks for more than 4000 people aged over 40 who used ginseng regularly to develop cancer were reduced with approximately 70%, compared to those who did not introduce ginseng in their diet.
It aids the digestive system – Korean ginseng is a wonderful treatment for stomach problems and it helps alleviating loss of appetite, indigestion, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Similar ginseng benefits are reported for the Asian species as well.
It protects the cardiovascular system – The regular consumption of Asian ginseng brings numerous benefits when it comes to the health of the cardiovascular system, preventing platelet aggregation and lowering the level of cholesterol. People with a high blood pressure should avoid consuming ginseng without consulting a doctor, as it is known to be a quite powerful excitant.
Ginseng Benefits on the Mind and Spirit

It improves mental performance – Studies show that ginseng stimulates the mind by improving the flow of the blood towards the brain. It is used for treating mental conditions such as: defective memory dysfunction, lack of concentration, disability states. These ginseng mental health benefits are brought about by the consumption of the root, of the plant, of the tea and of other ginseng based products.
Research proves that ginseng plays an important part in helping the body cope with stress. Tests conducted in laboratories from Russia, Bulgaria, London and North America placed mice under stressful circumstances and, after they administered ginseng, their behavior returned to normal.
Other studies brought to light that ginseng improves people’s moods, making a useful treatment in cases of mild depression if administered on long term.
Ginseng is by far one of the best sold natural aphrodisiacs. It puts the person consuming it in a mood for love by revitalizing the body and triggering certain mechanisms that increase the libido.
Ginseng Side Effects

It should not be used by nursing or pregnant women, children, people suffering from endometriosis, prostate cancer, uterine fibroids, uterine cancer and ovarian cancer. Ginseng has very mild side effects compared to other herbs, all of them appearing in cases of over dosage. The most common side effects are:

Upset stomach;
Decreased appetite;
Vertigo sensation;
Unexplained happiness sensation;
Breast pain;
Ginseng has amazing effects on the stamina of the body, aiding the immune system, stimulating the brain and the body functions, but its effects appear if used regularly, not as a one-time fix.

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