Hand Strengthening Exercises

Some people would like to use their hands to be able to perform daily tasks like opening food jars or carrying grocery bags.

And others have different goals like obtaining strong and toned upper arms that women usually desire, or strong V-shape back and big biceps that men want to have. Here I provide you with simple yet effective hand strengthening exercises.

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Whatever the goal is, it can be more possible and easier if you strengthen your weak link…your forearms and hand grip (lower arm).

Your forearms and hand grip can play a direct important role in exercising and strengthening your upper body and indirect role for your lower body.

Being able to perform higher repetitions and more resistance of pull ups, push ups, pull ins and other upper body exercises can make you reach your goal faster and more effectively, if you posses powerful lower arms and that include forearms and hand grip.

How to push-ups, BEST push-ups Exercise, handstand push-ups, doing push ups - Hands as chest width

How to push-ups, BEST push-ups exercise, handstand push-ups, doing push ups - Hands as chest width. Pectoral exercises - "Focus on the interior portion".

How To Get A Stronger Grip and Hand Strength

How strong are your lower arms?

In our present time many people have weak lower arms largely because of lack of use, period. You see, with the advanced technology we enjoy today, our mechanized driven society is doing less and less physical work.

This advanced technology can be a double edged sword and if we don’t pay attention to it and try to balance this convenience and excessive comfort, there will be consequences.

Probably the most physically involvements for our lower arms are something like this

• Holding the car steering wheel everyday

• Using the computer, like typing

• Using the television remote control

• And similar simple tasks like that!

To make this case worse, we have many mechanized gadgets that assist with the remaining household tasks that require physical involvement on our part.

So instead of using our hands to open jars, cans, wine bottles, and unscrew bolts or similar activities, we let these gadgets do the task on our behalf, making life more convenient.

Getting weaker in the lower arms can negatively affect other upper body parts, because as you know the body works best as a whole. And if you break the body muscle chain(s), then things start to fall apart.

Therefore, if you want to develop:

• Toned arms

• Big biceps

• V-shape back

• Solid thigh and butt muscles

You’re better off with strengthening your lower arms and those include the forearms and hand grip.

Exercises For Your Hand Grip

Finger Extension w/MR

You can do this exercise while sitting, standing or even lying down on the floor. And you don’t need to use any exercise tool for this one, except your other hand, and it’s very effective to strengthen your fingers.

Here’s how you perform the exercise…

• With both hands in front of you, bring the fingertips of your right hand together with your right thumb (like an alligator’s jaw or a bird’s beak)

• Use your left hand finger tips to cover the right hand fingers

• Start to expand the right hand fingers while you apply resistance using the left hand fingers

Perform the exercise until your right hand fatigues. You can add different levels of manual resistance (light to heavy tension) every other workout. Don’t forget to exercise the other hand.

Simple, yet it works well. So don’t take it slightly, and give it a chance for at least two weeks to see and feel the noticeable effect.

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