Why is it so hard to lose weight?

Who is the real culprit of the task of losing weight is a real “Odyssey”?

Processed foods give difficulty lose weight.processed-foods-give-difficulty-lose-weight

Surprised? Maybe you thought I’d say things like sugar, saturated fats, lack of hard exercise, etc…

Well no. The real culprit of obesity is the mill. Since mankind created the mills to process food (mainly cereals) our diet changed radically.

Although the volume of ingested food is the same, while more processed foods, the body will absorb a greater proportion.

The body does the best he can with this surplus of energy absorbed by the intestines, but usually ends up stored as fat, because it was designed evolutionarily thus.

And eat less amount of food is not the solution, because by not subjecting the stomach to the usual tension continues to send hunger signals, which cause bad mood when having less food eaten.

So make a restrictive diet or strenuous exercise, just help you lose weight. There will come a time when you will give up and you will return get fat.

Your health is in your hands. It is your responsibility to support it.

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