Healthy Food Diets – The Best Foods for Body, Mind and Soul

When one tries to define healthy food diet, he or she may come up with several ideas. A diet for improving the health of the heart includes heart healthy foods like vegetables, fibers and foods rich in minerals. On the other hand, a diet to reduce weight and become slim would include pretty much the same ingredients with even more varied benefits and advantages. However, the truth is that there are some good diet foods which will be beneficial for everyone irrespective of their health problems and conditions. So, here is a lineup of the most beneficial foods that can be found in every type of health diet.

almonds, nuts, roasted

1- Avocado

You may be having avocado in your salads and subs. However, the truth is that this exotic, salty fruit actually qualifies as one of good diet foods. The reasons are clear enough. Firstly, avocadoes are proved to be the best antidote to prostate cancer and this is evidenced scientifically. Secondly, it is one of the richest sources of antioxidants. There are compounds like betacarotene and Vitamin E which help to improve your immune system. Other than that, this is also a veggie with minerals that can be a part of your weight loss diet. So, if you wish to eat healthy nutrition, go for avocado.

2- Peanut Butter

Forget that it is actually a kind of butter and you will agree that peanut butter is one of the heart healthy foods. Scientific research has concluded that peanut butter if taken in small quantities can actually make your heart strong rather than weak. While there is a generous dose of fats and calories, the truth is that peanut butter is a healthier alternative to normal butter. This is because a small amount of peanut butter practically counts for no damage at all. So, it ends up being an unlikely part of a weight loss diet as well.

3- Raisins as part of your Healthy Diet Plan

Essentially dried grapes, raisins are not just good diet foods. They are also an integral part of women healthy diet. This is because they help to replenish the levels of iron and hemoglobin in the blood. Women, who have to face the problem of losing blood through menstrual cycles, can replenish the levels of hemoglobin in blood by eating more raisins. Thus, raisins qualify as good diet foods for practically everyone. So, raisins can be taken together with breakfast cereals and sweets and desserts as well. They are recommended as a part of a universally healthy diet regime.

4- Yogurt

Even as it is a milk product, the health properties of yogurt and curds make it healthy as an alternative to milk or cheese. Above all, yogurt and curds are great solutions for the problem of digestion. They contain useful bacteria that help to cure the problems of acidity and indigestion. They act as great coolants for the stomach and other components of the digestive system. In addition, yogurt makes for a healthy snack as it contains useful calories and low fat. Thus, yogurt would end up being one of the good diet foods. It should be taken regularl
5- Mushrooms

Be it in the women healthy diet or weight loss diet, mushrooms are recommended in any case. This has to do with the fact that mushrooms are supposed to be one of the really good diet foods. A cup of mushrooms would have only 18 calories. Thus, mushrooms should be one of the heart healthy foods as well. The mushrooms also have a number of anti-cancer properties. These properties are those which help to destroy the damaging cells and free radicals. Thus, if enough mushrooms are consumed, there will be lesser risk of any form of cancers.

6- Eggs

They are possibly the cheapest source of protein in the world. At a cheap price, there are rich deposits of fat-free and low-calorie protein. One can therefore have eggs as a part of the weight loss diet as well. Also, they contain some other important elements like choline. Choline helps to improve the functioning of the brain and nervous system. There are other crucial minerals that keep the eyes and other organs healthy and fit as well. Thus, it would be wise to consider eggs as one of the best foods. If you wish to eat healthy nutrition, best have eggs daily.

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