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Before going back to my childhood to examine how my upbringing affected my eating habits, I just wanted to announce that this morning I weighed 180 pounds.

I know that may seem kind of heavy, but the fact is that at my highest point I weighed about 215. That’s my honest best guess given the inaccurate scale I was using and the fact that it was gone before the new digital scale arrived.

At that weight my size 2X pull-on stretch pants were too tight.

But then lifestyle change happened. When the economy crashed and my car needed replacing, I decided not to get a new one, as funds were short and used car prices were high. It really surprised me to find out that I didn’t need it all that badly. There was a bus line I used occasionally to go to the major shopping area, but I didn’t need to go there that often. I was able to walk almost everywhere I needed to go on a regular basis.

But as I had not gotten much exercise in some years due to foot pain from bone spurs from an old injury, I was really out of shape. I recall the first time I walked to the Asian vegetable market about three quarters of a mile from my house and was very tired. I had lots of walking to do, and I had to force myself to walk as often as I could without pain.

At the same time I found myself with nasty heartburn at night, and decided to limit my eating to before 6:00 pm. Since I hadn’t eaten breakfast in years, that meant that I would have lunch at noon and dinner before 6:00 pm. Aside from my gluten limitation, I made myself no other restrictions and simply ate what I wanted. What I found was that I was also sensitive to wine, the symptom of which was foot pain. After that, as I started to walk more and lose weight, my feet gradually began to feel much better, so that by the time I got down to 195 pounds, there was rarely pain.

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Thanks to liquid diet recipes and animal cuts I ended up getting my weight down to 185, or a tight size 16 jeans before managing to compensate and eat some in the evening and morning, after which my weight started to creep up again. Now with my new program I’m down to size 16 jeans, not too tight. It feels great to be this thin.

I am due to reward myself for losing another 5 pounds, which I think is totally appropriate. At Fore Street in Portland ME they have a great selection of appetizers and other dishes that I find so satisfying I am not tempted to overindulge.

But cash is a little short to eat in an expensive restaurant right now. So that will have to happen next week.

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