Learn How Meal Preparation Can Be A Powerful Tool For Weight Loss

Meal preparation and healthy weight loss go hand-in-hand, like German chocolate cake with a spoonful of heavy whip cream…Uhh ok… maybe this is not the best analogy to give but you get my point!

If your mission is to lose weight more than anything else (gaining muscle mass or building up more strength and so forth) then you should realize that performing an adequate amount of exercise, and sleeping 8-9 hours/night, and minimizing daily stress by smiling at your boss and preparing her coffee every morning that these are all wonderful and essential steps you have taken. But, believe it or not, these three factors most likely are not enough.


You have to take care of other businesses as well to achieve your weight loss mission and you thought life was easy, huh.
Well, it will become easier after you start paying attention to your foods. So, one of the other businesses you should take care of is nutrition and calories; eating the right amount of food calories and the right type of foods, too. In order to do this right as much as possible the two words- meal preparation – come to mind.

Trust me, when you eat randomly on a daily basis- not caring of what you put in your mouth-and think that you will burn these calories off through your workout session therefore soon (using the word soon loosely), it is unlikely to happen. You will not transform your body into a body that rivals the work of art of da Vinci’s Michelangelo! Do you think it will happen? Oh, did you say not yet after several years of exercising!

That’s ok, things will get better and you will start to see yourself losing weight, however, you need to master meal preparation or you can let other people help you with it if you’re a busy person. Either way you should implement the meal preparation factor so weight loss can be more successful and achievable.

Basic Guidelines to Prepare Meals

– Bring a pen and food log/food diary

– Weekends are usually the most practical days to prepare and cook meals.

– Write a list of foods that you’ll prepare and cook for your weekly meals.

– Make sure you have a reasonable amount of different vegetables, different types of whole foods containing proteins, and variety of fruits, and healthful fats and oils.

– Go to the grocery store and get the foods in your list.

– Go back home and start preparing and cooking your meals.

– It’s always better to prepare more than one main dish; for example, meat loaf casserole with potatoes and oven baked chicken with spinach. This way you will eliminate or minimize boredom.

– Also make sure to prepare between-meal snacks to enjoy them. This way you won’t starve yourself waiting for the next main meal.

– Add flavors and/or spices to your taste, they really make a big difference in enhancing your meals.

– You can either store your already cooked meals in the freezer or the fridge if you think you can eat all your meals before they spoil.

– Repeat the whole process next weekend or until you start running out of meals.

Meal preparation is not that hard to do; however, it’s time consuming but it is worth the time investment for not only the weight loss you are pursuing but also for your general health which is as important if not more.

Besides, it will get easier and easier to prepare your meals. Just stick with it in the beginning, like many did and are still doing.

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