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Can eating a low carb lunch truly have a major impact on keeping your weight in check? To the surprise of many, cutting down on the number of carbs you eat during the middle of the day might very well help you shed a significant amount of weight from your frame.
Why is this? Basically, when carbohydrates are eaten to excess they cause you to become fat.
Carbohydrates, Activity Levels and Fat Storage. 

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While not every person that suffers from being overweight gained their weight because they ate too many carbohydrates, carbs are the cause of a obesity in many people. This is due to the not eating carbs for the purpose of what they are supposed to be used for: energy. Carbohydrates supply energy to the body when they are broken down as glucose, fructose and galactose. The key here is the carbs do have to be used up or else they will be stored in the muscles or liver as glycogen for later use. That is fine provide the glucose is eventually burned. However, if the glycogen is not used up then it will be stored as fat.

The Bad Carb Lunches
The main problem many people have is they eat far, far too many carbs for lunch then they would ever be able to burn up. Their activity levels are not appropriate for a high carb diet. Imagine eating a hamburger with bread along with an order of french fries and a sugary soda or milkshake for lunch and then going to work, sitting at a desk and then going home and becoming even less active. Scores of people do this each and every day and they end up becoming obese as a result. Generally, it is best to eat carbs in the morning as then you have the entire day to burn them up. Even if you are not very active your metabolism will burn up the carbs quite efficiently provided you have not ingested too many of them. So, if you have eaten cereal or oatmeal for breakfast, you will want to have a low carb lunch to balance things out.
Words on a Solid Lunch Recipes
A low carb eat does not have to be a no carb lunch. While you can certainly eat a lunch with a total carb count of zero, there is not necessarily any reason to go to such an extreme. Rather, you could eat a minimal amount of carbs during the day that would help you keep your total daily maintenance of carbs down to the level required to shed weight. A very active person could eat about 100 grams of carbs per day and still lose weight but someone that is not very active probably would be best served eating 60 or less.

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