Mortal Sweet Drink – Reasons for Weight Loss

In recent decades, there has been an increase in cases of non-communicable diseases and currently there are alarming numbers of deaths related to the consumption of soft drinks.

Sugary drinks would cause 180,000 deaths annually

Sugary drinks would cause one in a hundred deaths

The sugary drinks would be the cause of one in a hundred deaths.

That was the conclusion of a study whose results were presented by the researcher of the Harvard School of Public Health, Gitanjali Singh, at the Conference of the American Heart Association (American Heart Association) Epidemiology, Prevention / Nutrition and Physical Activity .

The study argues that sugary drinks could cause 180,000 deaths annually.

Why? It happens that the development of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or even be some cancers, largely overweight product.

Specifically, and based on the data obtained from the 2010 Global Burden of Diseases Study, sugary drinks would relate to 133,000 cases of diabetes, 44,000 from cardiovascular disease and cancer 6,000.

“The researchers examined changes in the consumption of sugary drinks, then their relationship to changes in body fat or BMI (body mass index) and subsequent deaths from cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer,” said the president of the Nutrition Committee of the AHA, Rachel Johnson.

The result: over-consume sugary drinks (like juice or energy drinks) increase the chances of gaining weight. So, the chances of dying also would rise.

In Latin America, the diabetes mortality rate associated with the consumption of sugary drinks would most regions of the world with 38,000 deaths.

In a list of 35 countries, Mexico would rank first in deaths from the consumption of sugary drinks. Meanwhile, the United States would follow in the third position.

“Only in the U.S.A., There were an estimated 25,000 deaths related to sugary drinks, “says Singh.

The research data were bounded to the adult population because their focus are chronic.

For its part, the Association of American Beverage dismissed the study’s findings.

“There is no way to prove that consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages cause chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or cancer, the true causes of death among the subjects studied,” the association said.

“Researchers make a big jump when illogical and wrong calculations take beverage intake worldwide and claims that these drinks are the cause of the deaths that the authors themselves acknowledge that due to chronic diseases,” they added.

Some time ago, the mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, filed a motion to ban the sale in their city of sugary beverages in containers XL. However, a state judge blocked the measure.

Your health is in your hands. It is your responsibility to maintain it.

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