All you need to know about PiYo workouts

There has been a major trend towards living a healthy lifestyle that has taken hold over the last two decades, which calls on all individuals to take greater control over their eating and exercise habits. It is therefore not uncommon to see gyms lining every street corner and supermarket shelves crammed with fitness DVDs.

Unfortunately, not all the fitness advice available is helpful, and it is more than likely that the strict regimen you have been following will do little to improve your health. It is with this in mind that Chalene Johnson has come up with a plan to get you into shape, without putting you through the unnecessary routines found in other fitness regimens.

That is why below we will examine PiYo workouts in detail, as we try and determine what sets it apart from the other regimens that have flooded the market.

What are PiYo workouts?piyo-workouts

PiYo is simply a low-impact and high endurance set of workout routines that target every muscle in your body. This workout is renowned for its ability to combine the self-discipline of yoga, with the strength, posture and flexibility of pilates, as well as the dynamic motions of intense and fast paced exercises.

With all of this in mind, the PiYo workout is aimed at all ages and all genders, as its routines can be tailored to meet every individual’s fitness needs.

It is also important to note that the workout avoids all use of weights and jumping motions, as it aims to use your body weight as a sufficient exercise vessel.

What is included in the PiYo workouts?

If you would like to invest in the PiYo workout, then it is important for you to know what mix of drills and exercise you will be getting in the workout package. That is why below I have compiled a list of PiYo workouts for you to explore.

Align (46 minutes)
Define: Upper body (35 minutes)
Define: Lower body (25 minutes)
Sweat (35 minutes)
Core (30 minutes)
Drench (40 minutes)
Strength intervals (25 minutes)
Sculpt (30 minutes)
Apart from these 8 main PiYo workouts, there are 2 accelerated workouts that you can take advantage of. These include:

Full body blast- 30 minutes
Strong legs- 30 minutes
What does the schedule of a PiYo workouts look like?

When you get the PiYo workout package, you will receive instructions on how your schedule should like. If you have not made your decision then I will simply lay out the facts that you should expect to receive.

To begin with, the workouts will take place over a 60 day period, though you can and you should continue this regimen even once the time period has elapsed.

Secondly, the workouts take place 6 days a week (with one rest day), with a workout session lasting for between 25 to 45 minutes each day.

Your workout schedule will therefore resemble a combination of the workouts given above, with a particular exercise allocated to a different day.

E.g. Monday= Align: The Fundamentals

Tuesday= Define: Lower Body

Wednesday= Define: Upper Body

Thursday= Sweat

Friday= Rest

Saturday= Define: Lower Body

Sunday= Define: Upper Body

What are the benefits of the PiYo workouts?

The benefits of PiYo are monumental, as can be witnessed by the overwhelming amount of positive reviews found all over the internet.

However it should be noted that for maximum results to occur, you will need to combine the workouts with the recommended PiYo diet.

If you are following the diet and workout, you should expect to witness the following results;

Your body should become more flexible, lean, resilient and strong, due to the combination of cardio and strength workouts found in this regimen. In addition you should be benefiting from improved endurance in no time at all, as all the aforementioned workouts are aimed to increase your overall endurance level.
On the other hand we have posture and balance, which should significantly improve due to the yoga and pilates inspired exercises found in this workout regimen.
And before we forget, all individuals who often suffer from reoccurring injuries and aches will experience quicker healing periods and fewer overall injuries. This is of course due to the low impact nature of this workout regimen.
Now that you know all there is to know about PiYo workouts, your decision on whether or not to purchase this workout regimen should be much easier. As you can see from above, the discipline is demanding yet unrestrictive, and the results are outstanding. Good luck as you shed off those pounds and sculpt your body!

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