PiYo Review

Are you planning to get in shape but you do not know how? Well, you just got into the right page! PiYo workout program could be the right one for you. Let us get to know more about it on this PiYo review page.

PiYo Review: What is PiYo?

PiYo is one of the workout programs released by Beachbody under the professional fitness celebrity trainer Chalene Johnson. She developed an exercise program that includes two most powerful workouts, which are the Pilates and Yoga. That is where she made the title ‘PiYo,’ a combination of Pilates and Yoga.

The interesting part of PiYo is you do not need to use any exercise equipment and to strain or injure yourself. You just need to use your own body weight as you do the workout. Chalene Johnson wanted to ensure that everyone can do PiYo without straining or injuring himself/herself. She also wanted to make others put off from buying expensive physical fitness equipment just to lose some pounds and thus save money.

PiYo Results: Before and After!

Unlike other workout programs, PiYo does not require you to jump or hold awkward poses for a long period of time, which, of course, could strain your muscles. The DVD’s are very easy to follow because they are very well-detailed. The workouts included in the program define your body without using special fitness equipment. That is the purpose of PiYo.

PiYO Review: Whom PiYo Works for?

Honest Review of PiYo Strength from an Official Beachbody PiYo Success Story

As Chalene Johnson claims, PiYo is for everyone, especially for those who have problems in their joints. Jumping and holding poses are very difficult and painful for these people, so PiYo definitely works for them. PiYo gets rid of exercises that may worsen joint problem, such as long poses and jump. That is, everyone could join this workout program whatever his/her age is.

Some people cannot afford expensive exercise equipment, such as machines and other stuff. PiYo works for these people as well. They do not need special equipment, because they only need their body as their own weights with PiYo.

Hence, you won’t waste your time in storing and fixing your exercise equipment, because PiYo is only on DVD’s.

Since PiYo workout is only on DVD’s, it is really portable. What you only need to have are room space and some gadgets to play the PiYo DVD. If you keep traveling for business matters, PiYo is the right one for you. You just need to plug it into your DVD player and do exercise in your private hotel room, etc. And for those who are busy and do not have time to go to the gym, PiYo is a godsend for them as well.

PiYo Review: What is in the PiYo?

Full PiYo Review

PiYo includes 8 DVD’s, targeting on intensity, technique, and other certain areas of your body. It also includes a quick start guide and a 60-day workout calendar.

Align (the fundamentals) – this is the basic one. You will learn the fundamentals of PiYo terminology and how you will do the exercise within the time frame.
Core – This targets your powerhouse, defining your abs. In here, you will get sexy back and flat, strong abs.
Drench – this starts with a warm-up and gradually levels up to a bit extreme. It focuses on stretching your body and gradually moves into your power section to strengthen balance, muscles, and flexibility.
Define (upper body) – This defines your upper body, firming and toning it to shape your shoulders and arms.
Define (lower body) – this defines your lower body, shaping and toning your quads, calves, hamstrings, and glutes to get those desired sleek long legs.
Sculpt – this is a muscular endurance exercise that utilizes varied speed to keep your body muscles under tension.
Strength intervals – this does not require special equipment. It is simply a cardio workout that burns your calories. It uses heart-pacing athletic moves.
Sweat – this is a traditional 30-minute workout that includes yoga flows, dynamic conditioning, as well as body weight resistance.
Bonus PiYo – you will get a bonus workout if you purchase PiYo workout program through a Beachbody coach.
PiYo workout DVDs vary in length – from 25 to 45 minutes. This program is good for 60 days and you will definitely lose pounds within the time frame. PiYo does not include healthy meal plan, unlike the other Beachbody workout programs. However, if you can manage healthy eating by yourself, then PiYo may be a good choice for you. Remember that you will get a free bonus workout if you buy PiYo from a Beachbody coach. That’s how PiYo works!

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