Protein cycling to increase lean body mass?

I have never read anything about this anywhere, so I don’t know if it is something unique to me. But I have noticed that when I consume 80 grams to 100 grams of protein a day while maintaining a calorie deficit, I will continually lose weight.

Given my exercise program, this may actually be a low protein intake. If I increase my protein intake by 50 grams a day, the scale would show a net gain of a pound a day until such time as I cut back on the protein. (I haven’t actually gone a full week on this regimen, since rapid weight gain is for me a trigger for a strategy change.) Then I would return to losing weight as expected.

If I do this, I do not show any improved performance at the weight peak. Rather it seems to be accompanied by a decrease in performance.

When I do return to my previous weight, I am leaner.

Carb Cycling

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Note that I do not use purchased protein powders or supplements. I eat meat and other animal products for my protein needs.

If this was a technique used by athletes for building muscle mass I would call it “protein cycling”.

Perhaps when I reach my goal weight I might try this for a week and see what happens with it. But until then I think I will try to avoid weight gain, even if it appears to be lean.

If I wasn’t keeping close tabs on my intake and weight, I wouldn’t have noticed this correlation.

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