Spice Acts As Medicine As Well

Today most of the spices we use to cook delicious food are available in health food stores that add and flavor to food that tastes good ad adds medicinal value too. There are several unique formulas being prepared to make the taste makers using different variety of spices that ensures lest fast in diet with strong accent in soups, dhal, cereals, sauces and desserts.

4 best species that tastes good


cinnamon, grated, cinnamon stick

The inner barks as well as the twigs of cinnamons are being used as an important spice in healing property. Cinnamon has the property of best stimulant along with anti-virus and anti-septic value helping to strengthen the immune power. It also acts as stimulant with traditional touch of remedy to cure digestive problems like nausea and also keeps off symptoms of viral infections causing fever and common cold.


ginger, ginger tea, ingber

Gingerol is an active constituent present in ginger that acts as anti-nausea and supports immune system. Strengthening activity and also is a good stimulant of circulatory process. Ginger with pungent taste has the best property of healing therapeutic property that heals issues with digestive system increasing the secretion of digestive enzyme. Ginger with warm and soothing property is all time favorite home remedy to relieve and cure common cold and cough.

Cayenne pepper

pepper, hot, spicy

Fresh as well as dry pepper has the property of stimulant, increasing metabolic property with active constituent capsaicin, which is a warm stimulant. Cayenne pepper is a form of fiery spice, a variety of chilli that helps to work on poor circulation. Regular usage of this pepper is food encourages the secretion of digestive enzyme juice helping metabolic actions.


roof houseleek, real houseleek, ordinary house turmeric

Turmeric being a root has the medicinal effect to secrete bile, stimulants lowers cholesterol & is an effective anti-inflammatory property with analgesive value. It also contains anti-bacterial & antioxidant formula that can fight against potential cancer. They help to cure skin allergies and other skin discomforts.

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