Stay Healthy In Mind And Body

To stay healthy one must be fit both in mind, body and soul. Bodily strength as we all know can be acquired by following a nutrient balanced diet and habitual exercise or yoga practice to keep up good physical condition. To stay hale and hearty in mind one needs to keep their mentality fresh and cheerful staying calm. Bodily vigor alone cannot keep up the right form of energy level, daily stress and mental tension can affect one’s health leading to blood pressure, obesity and heart problems as they are psychologically related to health as a whole

Positive attitude

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Your mental health also matters a lot on losing your body weight, the more depressed and stressed your mind is the more will your wellness be affected. Start your day with a brisk walk, an apple and smiles to keep your body and mind well organized.


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Relaxation as well all know is all about bringing the stressed body muscles and mind to rest or peace cleansing ones soul with freshness. A regular walk and breaking fresh air is more important to maintain your health condition. While yoga and meditation helps to extend your body peace to trigger the intellectual power to keep you perfectly fit.

Heart healthy foods

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It is important to keep a watch on what you eat and how much you eat to keep your body energized and healthy from inside. When it comes to food you can go for oat meals, green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits, spinach, Olive oils, rice bran oil, broccoli, carrot, beans and peas. Fruits like orange and apple contain phyto-chemical stuff that prevents blood clots. Nuts like almonds and walnuts are good for you as they are the source of omega 3 fatty acids. Cold watered fish such as salmon and tuna, low fat meats, skimmed milk containing low-fat proteins can do well to strengthen your body as a whole.

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