The 500 Calorie Diet

Are you tired of looking into the mirror and see your overweight body in front of you? Do you want to lose those unwanted bulk in your body but having hard time doing it? Have you tried taking dietary and food supplements or have you undergone a specific exercise program but still feel unsatisfied with the results? Well, it’s about time that you get back into the basics and start your weight loss plan simply by watching the calories on the food that you eat. That’s right, eating right to stay in shape. In this article, we are going to explore some recipes that can be included in the 500 calorie diet plan. This article aims to provide useful information to those individuals who want to live a healthier life by following this certain diet. 

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What Is A 500 Calorie Diet:

Before we proceed into knowing some delicious 500 calorie meals, let’s us first understand the concept of the 500 calorie diet and why it has become one of the popular diet plans in the health industry today. By definition, the 500 calorie plan diet can be simply explained as keeping your food consumption to a maximum of 500 per day to lose weight and stay healthy rather than going up to the expected 2000 calorie/day limit
Calories are the body’s fuel to keep us going in our daily activities. We burn calories in all the things that we do, even when we are sleeping. That’s why we need to replenish our calorie supply from the foods that we eat. An average person is expected to consume a maximum of 2000 calories a day. Any excess supply of calories will be stored into the body and will be converted into fats. More often than not, we neglect to monitor our calorie intake and give in to the temptation of eating what we want (sometimes fatty foods). That’s why in the end, most of us are overweight because of the overload of calories adding up from our daily excess.

The 500 calorie diet has been introduced as an alternative to other existing commercial exercise and diet programs and it has enticed many health enthusiasts since its introduction as studies suggest an average of 18-20 pounds will be shed off on a monthly basis. Conventional exercising and dieting may work, but chances are you have to work really hard to burn those stored calories or you may just be burning the “un-stored” supply. By cutting out on your daily calorie intake, your body will now have a chance to burn those stored calories and in turn it will help you cut off some excess weight and be healthy at the same time.
ome celebrities who are into this diet plan are Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway and Jackie Bowen, wife of Lawrence Bowen who is a notable TV personality and a successful home-style consultant.
Some Delicious 500 Calorie Recipes:
Contrary to some belief, being on a diet does not necessarily mean that you also have the sacrifice the taste of the food that you eat. Here are some recipes that you can include on your 500 calorie diet plan:

1. Stir Fry Chicken – for this recipe you’re going to need some lean cuts of chicken (preferably the breast or thigh part), brown rice, chopped onion, minced garlic, shredded ginger, peanuts (optional), chopped bell peppers, snow peas, broccoli, and olive oil. The procedure is as follows:
– cook the brown rice and then set it aside
– on a frying pan, pour the olive oil and place in the garlic, onions, and bell peppers once heated.
– combine the rest of the ingredients and cook it in high heat. Add a little bit of soy sauce, a dash of salt and pepper for seasoning.
– serve the rice on a bowl, pour in the stir fry mix on top of the brown rice, sprinkle some peanuts, and enjoy.

2. Roasted Salmon – for this recipe you’re going to need two fillets of fresh salmons, 1 teaspoon of minced garlic, a teaspoon of parsley, olive oil, an ounce of white wine, half teaspoon of lemon juice, and asparagus.
– prepare a baking tray and place aluminum foil on the surface of the tray. Prepare the fillets along with the asparagus.
– mix the rest of the ingredients on a separate bowl and pour it on the fillets.
– bake the seasoned fillets and asparagus in open foil for 10 minutes at 375 degrees. It will be cooked once the salmon starts to flake and the asparagus are turning brown.

3. Healthy Grilled Cheese Sandwich – for this recipe you are going to need 3 big tomato slices, two slices of cheese, fresh spinach, mashed avocado, and whole grain bread.
– grill the 3 slices of tomatoes until the skin separates from the pulp.
– once the tomatoes are done, make a sandwich by combining all the ingredients in between 2 slices of whole grain bread.
– grill until the cheese melts and the bread is toasted. You can also add a dash of olive oil (optional) for taste.

All in all, following the 500 calorie diet plan can be as easy as eating a delicious meal. You just have to the right recipe to make so that you can enjoy your food you eat while losing pounds in the process.

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