Top Muscle Building Diet Foods

When people hear the word diet, they often think of losing weight and shedding off some pounds. However, this is not always the case. Body builders or those who want to gain muscle mass also need a different diet. There are kinds of food that must be included in a muscle builder’s diet to aid them in reaching their goal without putting their health at risk. If you want to get ripped, then here is a list of foods that you will seriously include in your daily meals.

Muscle Food 1: Beef

Beef is a protein. That alone makes it fit for a muscle builder. However, there is more to beef than that. The truth is, beef has 2 different muscle building nutrients which are needed by a body builder. It actually supplies the body with a big supply of zinc and iron. In addition to this, beef is the best food source for creatine. You have probably come across creatine is supplement and health shops out there. Creating is basically the energy your body needs for optimum iron supply. The best parts are rounds or loins. Lay low on frying and adding too much flavoring.

Muscle Food 2: Eggs

Eggs are often referred to by health and fitness enthusiasts as the perfect protein. Proteins that are found in eggs are considered the best when it comes to supporting a body builder’s needs. Those who want to lose weight should skip on the yolk, however, those who want to build muscle can actually benefit from the egg yolk. The yolk of an egg contains vitamin B12 which is essential for fat breakdown and muscle contraction. As long as your intake of eggs is moderate, you do not need to worry about an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Muscle Food 3: Olive Oil

If you prepare your own food, it is very important to use the right kind of oil. Experts often refer to olive oil as the liquid energy. Olive oil has monounsaturated fat that aids in eliminating muscle weakness. The best thing about olive oil is that it lowers your risk of heart disease and cancers such as colon cancer. If you can, choose the extra virgin type. This has more anti-oxidant properties. Use olive oil in cooking as well.
Muscle Food 4: Salmon muscle-building-diet

Salmon regulates the growth of your muscles after your workout. Salmon contains healthy fats that are known as Omega-3′s. The role of Omega 3 fatty acids in the muscle building process because it slows down protein breakdown. The principle behind this is that the body needs to pack on proteins faster than it breaks it down in order to gain muscle. Moreover, salmon is a good food for reducing your chances of diabetes and heart diseases. There are many ways on how to prepare salmon that is why you can never get bored of preparing this for your meals. You can mix salmon with vegetables and make a salad. That is a really healthy meal right there!

Muscle Food 5: Almonds

Almonds are a great source of alpha tocopherol vitamin E which can easily be absorbed by the body. Basically, the body needs vitamin E because it prevents damage that you get after workout. Thus, your previous workout will not impede you from working out again the next day. Also, since vitamin E is an anti-oxidant, it reduces the free radicals in the body and makes your muscles grow and recover faster. You can take almonds in between meals and will serve as a snack. This way, you don’t need to munch on unhealthy snacks throughout the rest of your day.
Muscle Food 6: Yogurt

Yogurt is the perfect source of both protein and carbohydrates – the two primary nutrients needed for muscle growth and working out. There are many varieties of yogurt and if possible, do not go for the low fat yogurt. Also, incorporate fruits un your yogurt. This will be a really great and nutritious breakfast. You can mix fruits as well. You can also opt to make them as a breakfast smoothie. Simply mix and blend the ingredients together and include an ample amount of yogurt.

These 6 foods are what should be included in a muscle builder’s diet. Mix and match and don’t forget to add fruits and vegetables for nutrition.

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