Our Best Weight Loss Tips – Simple, yet with Great Results!

You have been trying your best to stay fit – you have tried everything but with not such great results, so you are desperately looking for some good weight loss tips! There is no great mystery behind any awesome weight loss story, just a few small and simple tricks. Let’s have a look at them:weight-loss-tips

If you want to lose weight, you are surely on a diet and have those annoying cravings that you are so tempted to give in to (or already have numerous times). You can avoid “bending the rules” by planning all your meals ahead.
Not all fats are bad; in fact, the foods with healthy fats will help you feel full for a longer period time. From now on, try to add salmon, olives or walnuts in your meals;
One of the most important – and unfortunately underrated – diet tips for weight loss is that you should never skip meals! Sure, you would probably think that cutting one of your daily meals is good for weight loss because you will be eating less, but, in fact having regular meals is what helps you burn calories faster and stops you from overeating;
Fried foods are delicious, but there are lots of other tasty, helthier ways of cooking your food: baking, poaching, steaming, roasting or broiling. Try them and you will see that healthy food can taste great too, especially if you know how to play with spices;
This one may seem obvious, but you have no idea how many overlook it: you should also be careful with how much you eat, not only what you eat! Your meals should fit on a 9 inch plate, so next time switch to the kid-sized plates;
For awesome weight loss, you can boost your metabolism with chilli peppers, cinammon and green tea;
Walking is a great way of exercising and you should do at least 10,000 steps daily; it would be a good idea to keep track of them with a pedometer;
Try to keep a journal of your progress – this will allow you to see what you are doing good or bad, and it is also an amazing motivational tool;
When you are having your meal, talking to the person or people you are eating with is a good idea, because that will help you eat slower;
Avoid labels that say that the foods are “fat-free” or have “zero trans fats”, because they probably have huge amounts of sugar and salt that are added in order to compensate for the lack of taste;

tape, apple, glas

Soups are low in calories, filling and comforting too, so why not make a garden soup, with all kinds of vegetables? It tastes great and you can store it for later too;
We are all humans so we are prone to temptations- before starting a diet, get rid of all the junk food and sweets that you have in the cupboards or fridge. If you do not see them around or if you know that you do not have any in the house, it will be a lot easier for you to fight against your cravings;
An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but it also helps with overeating – have an apple before your meal and you will feel full faster;
When you are eating out, ask your waiter to keep the bread sticks, chips or any other snacks that they serve before the meals away from your table – if you are hungry, you will definitely be tempted to have some.
Bring colors to your meals! Try to add as many different-colored vegetables as you can on your plate; this means you will get a varied mix of nutrients – plus, all those colors will get you in a better mood;
Avocados are your friends! They are very high in fibers and in healthy fats too and they have that creamy texture that you may sometimes miss.
If you follow the abovementioned dieting tips for weight loss, you will see how everything will be so much easier, and you will achieve the desired weight faster and in a healthy manner!

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